Brand: YrissmissFeatures: 【Easter Basket Stuffers Gift For Kids】Autism toys for kids 8-12 are good for stimulating sensory development and helping kids concentrate. Sensory toys for autistic children 5-7 are the...


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Brand: Yrissmiss


  • 【Easter Basket Stuffers Gift For Kids】Autism toys for kids 8-12 are good for stimulating sensory development and helping kids concentrate. Sensory toys for autistic children 5-7 are the best gift choice for kids and those with autism! It's a creative gift idea for Halloween,Thanksgiving, Christmas,Birthday! If you are not satisfied with our sensory toys for kids 8-12, please communicate with us in time, we will be happy to serve you and make you satisfied!
  • 【Toddler Travel Toys】The quiet fidget toy is great calming down corner supplies as a toddler toys for travel. Travel toddler toys are quiet enough not to disturb other people while playing, and travel toys for kids also keep you away from the noise annoyance caused by toys! Not only that, toddler fidget toys are very small and portable, you can put them in any small space ,Preschoolers play with classroom fidget toys in a calm corner classroom,which effectively relieves anxiety for kids.
  • 【Educational Decompression Toys】Fidget toys for kids 5-7 can develop children's imagination and kids anxiety relief by combining them into different shapes. Kids sensory toys can also improve children's color perception and concentration by identifying different colors. It is also an educational toy for fine motor skills, sensory development, color sorting, shape sorting, counting and sorting, problem solving, spatial reasoning, and imaginative play!
  • 【Child's Good Partner】The sensory toys for kids 5-7 are connected to each other and can only be rotated but not disassembled, so you don't need to worry about your children eating them by mistake! We use high-quality ABS material processing, non-toxic hypoallergenic! Fine workmanship makes the surface of the puzzle ball smooth and burr-free, which will not hurt children's hands! It's also very easy to clean, and the smooth surface is not easy to accumulate dirta!
  • 【Sensory Fidget Toy】Yrissmiss educational ball is a fun sensory toy. The sensory toys for toddlers 3+ are seamlessly combined with 20 small balls of the same size, and each small ball is connected to two balls respectively. Such a special structure makes it possible to combine 20 small balls into different shapes through rotation. 10 different colored balls are easy to attract children's attention!

Part Number: 20230602

Details: Looking for the best fidget toy to stimulate your toddler's creativity and imagination? Look no further than the Yrissmiss Sensory Fidget Ball Toy! Perfect for toddler travel toys age 1-2 or toddler travel toys age 2-4, this educational ball is made of 20 small balls seamlessly connected, reducing the risk of swallowing small objects and making it an ideal airplane travel toy for 1 year old children. Mute and lightweight, this sensory toy bulk item is perfect for carrying on the go, making it suitable as fidget toys for toddlers to take to school or on outings. Additionally, the multi-sphere combination connection of the Yrissmiss Sensory Fidget Ball Toy can be shaped into various shapes, stimulating your toddler's imagination and creativity. This toddler sensory toys age 1-2 is made of safe and environmentally friendly food-grade ABS material, which is hypoallergenic and non-toxic, with no irritating smell, making it suitable for even the most sensitive children's skin. Meanwhile, the rainbow color combination and matching can improve your girl toddler toys age 2-4 or toddler toys 3-4' color discrimination ability. With no burr treatment, the smooth appearance of this toddler fidget toy age 1-2 won't hurt your little one's soft hands. Instead, there is a certain resistance when turning the ball, which can exercise their hand strength and stimulate brain development. And, as it is easy to clean and quick-drying, it reduces the entrance of bacteria, making it the perfect sensory fidget toy for your child's needs. This educational toy can improve children's color shape, counting and sorting, problem solving, spatial reasoning, and imaginative games. It's also perfect for those with autism or ADHD. Overall, the Yrissmiss Sensory Fidget Ball Toy is the best gift choice for Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, and other festivals. Don't miss out on this fantastic sensory toy for your child's development!

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XXL 45-48 40-44 47.5-51.5
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